Cādocon Pro II - Testimonials

I have retired from my Social Security law practice as of June 2018 after 24 years of practice. I used your product on a daily basis and am thankful for your keeping it up-to-date. Thanks again for your work on Cadacon Pro that made my work much easier for me.

Richard Roth, Springfield MA

"Since 9/2012 I have been a contractor who represents disability claimants for SSA disability hearings. I've been using Cādocon Pro for over two years now. Used another program before finding Cādocon. Don't know how I would do my job without it. Every other method of viewing the SSA files (the first program I downloaded, Preview on my Mac, Windows Photo Viewer, other programs I want to forget, or even the ERE converted to a PDF file) leaves much to be desired. Cādocon Pro makes it easy to navigate through the file and presents the documents to me in a readable, manageable format."

"Bonus — last year I had a problem with the program. Couldn’t get it to recognize the zip file and convert it. I sent an email to the support address. Keith responded via email and then set up a phone call to get me through the problem. He spent a lot of his time helping me (maybe even two phone calls), and all the while he was patient, professional, friendly. And there was no problem; I needed to download the newest update. But the service provided was beyond exceptional."

"This is the program to use if you need to slog through Social Security disability files."

Tim Kotora, Brentwood TN

"Our office has used Cādocon Pro for converting SSA files to easily useable .pdf's for several years. This is a great product, well worth the price. The customer service is excellent. The designer is immediately responsive to changes made by SSA so you don't miss a beat."

Don Chewning - Winter, Chewning & Geary, LLP

"Cādocon Pro is the most efficient, accurate and speedy conversion program I use on a daily basis to convert my downloaded files and CDs from SSA to PDFs. The program is a workhorse. Support has been quick and effective when needed. Usually, when SSA makes a major modification, no advance warning is given and converting to PDF can be problematical and frustrating. Cādocon Pro and its creator have come through each and every time, and on time. For new practitioners as well as for seasoned veterans, Cādocon Pro will prove to be a vital tool in your arsenal and worth every penny."

Clifford L. Weisberg - The Social Security Help Center

"Really huge difference in the usability – the wizard set up is very user friendly and helps get the file in the way that the user wants it. I love the table of contents – I also love that the headers are searchable from the beginning – without running OCR on the program – it makes moving around the file much easier than other programs I have used."

Ellyce Anapolsky, Staff Attorney - Health & Disability Advocates

"I did find the help docs to actually be helpful. I can make the bookmarks say exactly what I want them to say and in the correct color. I also like that I can remove the individual page number bookmarks. That was also an annoying part of the SSA pdf download. Your software really seems to be exactly what I was looking for."

Don J. Derse - Crowe & Shanahan

"I have nothing but praise for the support I have received about your software. I confess I have difficulty following otherwise clear instructions, and have to be specifically told when to click and when not to click and what to click. I had some difficulty with converting a recent CD, and you were quite patient in helping me out."

Irwin M. Portnoy - Irwin M Portnoy & Associates, PC

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