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ALERT! Thursday, September 26, 2019

As many of you already know, the developers who write the code to create the client zip files you all download from ERE made some changes a couple weeks ago that caused Cādocon Pro to break. Cādocon Pro is now Cādocon Pro II and will once again work as expected. Better even! It's faster and with fewer conversion errors.

As of about 4 PM Eastern time today Cādocon Pro II is available for download as a 30-day FREE TRIAL.

As I've mentioned in some email messages, if you convert CD's, continue to use the previous version of Cādocon Pro. Cādocon Pro II will not yet convert CD's, only the zip files from ERE. You can install Cādocon Pro II on the same computer that Cādocon Pro resides on. They will not conflict.

If you run into any conversion problems, do not hesitate to contact me so that I can fix them as quickly as possible.

Please also note that there are pricing changes.

Welcome to


, the home of

Cādocon Pro II

, the software for converting multiple and very plain ERE PDF files to a more useable single PDF format.

Cādocon Pro II

is a highly customizable conversion utility that quickly generates a very useful single

PDF files from SSA PDF files.

The files generated by

Cādocon Pro II

are far more useful than the ones you can download directly from ERE. Just try it and compare.


Cādocon Pro II

was created to handle a very important need. Social Security disability attorneys around the country can currently download zipped PDF files or a PDF from Social Security. The problem is that the PDF file is very plain and hard to make good use of. The individual PDF files are even harder to make adequate use of.

The need is to be able to convert the separate PDF files to a single useable PDF, complete with bookmarks and other useful information.

Cādocon Pro II


Nooksoft, LLC

does just that. It does it quickly and with very little effort.

Cādocon Pro II

will convert the

downloaded zip files from ERE


If you are in need of software that can handle this task, you've come to the right place.

For sales questions email us at <http://www.privatedaddy.com/?q=fUhuZWobSH9aYVQFfFAvdWR-2BdGJEWA-3D-3D_1071> or if you are already a customer and are in need of assistance, email us at <http://www.privatedaddy.com/?q=fVxycHYpUlBbZUgBaUtnby9kQ3p0YkRY_1071>

Come back soon for more updates or contact us for more information. This website and

Cādocon Pro II

are updated regularly.

Feel free to send us an email at any time if you have any questions.

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